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Post  John on Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:18 pm

Name: John C. Beverley
Height: 5',9"
Weight: 197 lbs
Likes: Long walks on the beach, roses (for the thorns), sarcasm, and of course, philosophy...
Power: 5
Agility: 4
Sophistry: +3 (with Helm of Protagoras and Gauntlets of Gorgias)

Background (Courses):
Introduction to Philosophy (NCSU)
Ancient Philosophy (NCSU)
Contemporary Philosophy (UGA)
Political Philosophy (UGA)
Critique of Pure Reason (NCSU)
Practical Ethics (FSU)
History of Ethics (NCSU)
Philosophy of Language (NCSU)
Logic: Basic, Moderate, Advanced (NCSU)
Philosophy of Science (NCSU)
Theory of Knowledge (NCSU)
Writing in Philosophy (History, Ethics, Science)

My interests range from Metaphysics and Ontology to the Philosophy of Physics and Mathematics. In my mind, that encompasses everything...In addition, I enjoy various types of music, various jokes, and variations of themes (poetry).

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