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Post  John on Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:55 am

So, the time has come; we must develop a is my grand scheme:
(1) Blog will accept posts from members of the Philosophy Club, or others based on level of hilarity/rigor.
(2) Speaking of rigor, I am thinking full on first-order logic defensibility. Obviously, you can 'prove' a lot of weird things deductively, just make 'reasonable' premises, and then boom...hilarity ensues...
(3) Speaking of hilarity, I am thinking we should keep articles light and humorous, though the consequences and even overall concept should be inflammatory. For instance, "In defense of abstinence only education," seems rife with jokes...alternatively, "Are all Italians greasy or is it just the lighting?"
(4) Profits from advertisements due to the impressive web traffic we will receive will be distributed evenly among contributors as long as they keep posting (let's say, once a month is enough).

What do you guys think? Also, website title? "In Defense of Logic" (invoking Gorgias' In Defense of Helen), "Prove It," "Show your Work" something like that?

So, yeah, and also I have the first post ready, "A(n) Modest Proposal" and yes, it's about racism...

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In Defense of Logic Empty Re: In Defense of Logic

Post  Tim on Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:47 pm

Use WordPress. I already have a blog setup on there but haven't had time to publish any of my post drafts. I'll be using it a lot after this semester though. Dr. Puryear had a wordpress blog for a bit and this website set up by Dr. Carroll also appears to be made with WordPress, so they would already be integrated and ready to contribute to ours.

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