Who's Afraid of the Bloomsbury Group?

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Who's Afraid of the Bloomsbury Group? Empty Who's Afraid of the Bloomsbury Group?

Post  John on Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:52 am

Consider: In the novel, "The Sorrows of a Young Hoarder," the specter of Death relates an existential crisis due to his role in the aging and death process ('Hoar' etymologically stems from ye Olde English for 'aging'). Now in the preface, the author mentions that the errors included in the work are his sole responsibility. He, of course, did not intend to include errors, but experience indicates that there must be some error in the work. Now, if given the conjunction of all sentences, in sequence, the author would surely conclude that there is no error. I mean, by hypothesis he attempted to create an error-less text. Still, it is reasonable to suggest that there is at least one error. In short, the author has good reason to believe both that there is and is not an error in the text. In that case, why even include the preface?

Postscript: I take sole responsibility for any errors in the previous text...

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