Is it Natural or Contrived?

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Is it Natural or Contrived? Empty Is it Natural or Contrived?

Post  John on Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:39 am

Once upon a time, a man left work early to find that his newly betrothed wife was in bed with another man. He proceeded to kill both illicit parties, and was arrested for these acts. Following a conviction by jury, the judge sentenced the man lightly. In defense of the sentencing, the judge argued that Evolutionary Psychology and other scientific disciplines have shown, with little doubt, that human behavior is controlled by our genetic makeup and evolutionary history. Males are typically jealous and protective, and seek control of their mates for efficacy of this protective tendency. As scientifically valid, this biological perspective must inform legislation, social laws, and moral customs. Therefore, we must not punish the man severely, and our current laws must adjust to accommodate natural facts of human nature.

Of course, this topic could, and should, be debated heavily; however, for focus, let us assume that this position is correct. That is, if the judge's opinion is true and human behavior is explainable in biological terms, would there be any need for the Social Sciences except as a means of explicating evolutionary psychology and other pertinent facts of human nature.

Alternatively, if humans are naturally selfish, would this make altruistic behavior defective? Would the altruistic saint, for instance, be considered genetically defective?

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