New Reading Topic: Feyerabend's Against Method

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New Reading Topic: Feyerabend's Against Method

Post  John on Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:06 pm

We will be following Foucault's History of Sexuality with the illustriously anarchic Against Method. Feyerabend argues for a position called Epistemological Anarchism which, after reading Foucault's discussion of Power, Discourse, and Knowledge, might sound like a natural consequence. On a superficial reading of both authors it seems that what Foucault is attempting to do with the Social Sciences, Feyerabend is attempting to do with the Physical Sciences (if I may be so glib). It might be difficult to understand the ramifications of this text on its own, so at the next meeting I will be giving a brief (very brief) overview of the relevant Philosophy of Science. Topics include: Positivism, Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn, Sociobiology, and of course, Feyerabend.

Note: I was not able to find the text online but the NCSU library currently has five copies of Against Method available for checkout.

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