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Post  'davis' on Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:39 am

I usually try to be healthy, Davis professes it.
I want to master rhythm, namely drumming, and begin to understand music's connection with man and nature, Davis claims these ambitions.
I enjoy climbing, skydiving, high places, elevation.
I savor self-awareness, introspection, deep thoughts, meditation.
Davis shares these qualities with others, wears them like a mask.
I think of my Self currently as an intellectual wanderer. I frolic and revel in the careful contemplations and cogent speculations of writers, poets, philosophers, and other thinkers (from Shakespeare to Lao Tzu), yet am disciple to none; in the words of Nietzsche, "He who cannot obey himself will be commanded." From the rare pieces of penetrating information I have come across, I have yet to procure a complete set of consistent, harmonious, well-grounded beliefs for the reality I see, or the reality that seems, but I at least have realized that much revolves around the "I" of existence, the presence of the Self. Wandering in a field of thought, looking for meaning in an increasingly chaotic world, I search for any pathway to the river of what is true, while Davis wants to defect the truth with possession, retention, and static confinement.
Take my (or his) words without too much weight, for they are but the manifestation of a late night caprice*.

*a nod to Jorges Luis Borges


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